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Returning a Rosetta Stone product

Quick links for in-app purchase return requests

Apple/iTunes store purchase refund
Android/Google Play store purchase refund

Although sorry to see you leave the Rosetta Stone community, we understand that may need to return your Rosetta Stone product. If your product is eligible for a return, please contact us by chatting or submitting a case with proof of purchase ready (An order number, serial number, or activation ID).

What is the return policy?

Rosetta Stone's return policy only applies to products purchased directly from Rosetta Stone via,, or telephone.
If you purchased the following products, then you must return within 30 days of the original purchase date:
  • Rosetta Stone® Language Learning, online subscription 
If you purchased from a Rosetta Stone authorized retailer (Such as Barnes and Noble,, etc), you must contact the retailer directly, and the return is governed by the retailer's policies and terms.  

For details, please see our complete return and exchange policy.

How can I return a product purchased directly from Rosetta Stone?

You'll need to submit a support request, and in that request you'll need to provide proof of purchase (An order number, serial number, or activation ID).  You may have to verify that all licensed content has been deactivated, removed, and deleted from your computer.  For example, if you're returning a product that has an activation code, you may be required to verify it is deactivated on from all computers before returning.  Also, all physical components of the product must be returned undamaged.  If all requirements for returning are met, you will be provided an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. 

If a product is sent to Rosetta Stone without an RMA number, the returning product may be destroyed without refund or exchange. 

I purchased additional Online Access / mobile access / Live Tutoring sessions.  Can I return or exchange those?

No, additional online time, mobile access, or online tutoring sessions (Live Tutoring sessions) are not returnable or exchangeable unless otherwise stated under separate terms from Rosetta Stone.

Does Rosetta Stone refund shipping costs?

No, shipping costs are not refundable, and Rosetta Stone does not provide pre-paid shipping labels for returns or exchanges. 

I purchased from a 3rd party retailer, like or Barnes & Noble.  How do I return it?

Rosetta Stone does not accept returns purchased from 3rd party retailers.  Please contact the retailer for assistance as it is subject to their policies and terms.

I purchased the Learn Languages app directly through the iTunes store. How do I return it?

We recommend you contact Apple regarding the refund, as all payments are processed by Apple through iTunes, and we do not have access to their payment system. If you would like to request a refund for a recently purchased application from the App Store, you can contact Apple using iTunes directly. Here are the steps to ask for a refund to your iTunes account:
  1. Open iTunes and navigate to the top menu Store -> View My Account.
    • You can also log in at with your Apple ID. Then click on Report a Problem next to the app. Skip to step 5 if you log in here.
  2. Click See All under the section titled Purchase History.
  3. Click the grey arrow to the left of the Order Date.
  4. Click the Report a Problem button.
  5. A column titled Report a Problem will appear with a list of apps purchased that day. Click Report a Problem next to the app you would like refunded.
  6. Select the appropriate reason you are contacting Apple. Choices are:
    • I didn't receive this application I inadvertently purchased this application
    • This application does not function as expected
    • This application is not compatible with my device
    • I have another purchase or download-related question
    • Enter detailed comments requesting a refund and the reasons why in the Comments section and click Next.
  7. Apple should consider your request for a refund within a few days, and if they refund your money it should appear in your account within a week.

I purchased the Learn Languages app directly through the Google Play store. How do I return it?

You will need to contact Google Play regarding the refund of your subscription, as all payments are processed by Google through the Google Play Store, and we do not have access to their payment system. If you provide them with the reason for your refund request, it shouldn't be a problem for them to reverse the charge.

I purchased the Learn Languages app directly through the Galaxy Store (Galaxy Apps). How do I return it?

Rosetta Stone Galaxy App in-app purchase can be refunded within 30 days.
Please let us know the Samsung order number when requesting a refund.
  1. When in the Galaxy App store, click on the menu button
  2. Click on My apps
  3. Click on Receipts
  4. Click on Items, then the RS purchase
  5. Order number will be displayed
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