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I don't know what the screen is asking me to do. What are the different screen types I'll see in Language Training?

Rosetta Stone uses a variety of screen types to help you associate meaning with new words.

Here is a list of the screen types you will come across in Language Training. When you are doing an activity, you can also click the question mark icon at the top right of your program to see the instructions for that screen. For more information about the various screen types you'll come across, check out our User's Guide!

Choose an Image -Click on the picture that matches spoken words and/or text.

Choose a Prompt -Click the small image or text to match the pictures or text boxes below.

Practice Speaking -Speak into the headset microphone if available, or just practice speaking.

Produce a New Phrase or Sentence -Produce a new word or phrase the fits the context.

Pronounce Syllables -Repeat each syllable after the native speaker. Put the syllables together to pronounce the word correctly.

Use Speech Analysis -On any Speech screen, click the Speech-Analysis icon to open a new screen. This screen allows you to mimic the speaker's voice to see a graph of your voice. Use the Record icon to record your voice and click the Speaker icon to review the recording.

Select from Multiple Choice s-From the options, click on the one that correctly completes the phrase or sentence.

Practice Writing - Type the phrase on your computer keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard. Click a special character key to insert an accent or diacritic mark.

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