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How to access your Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone In-App Purchase on another device

The Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone In-App Purchase relies on the purchaser's iCloud and iTunes account information to be present on the device in order to restore the In-App Purchase. The steps below will guide you on how to set that up in the event that another person's iCloud and iTunes information is present on the device.
  1. Tap the Settings app.  Note: You will need your iCloud and iTunes password to proceed.
  2. Go to iCloud and scroll down and click on Sign Out.
  3. Go back to Settings and go to: iTunes & App Store and click on your Apple ID and then on Sign Out.
  4. Delete the existing Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone app.
  5. Go back to Settings and access both iCloud and iTunes & App Store and sign in to both.   Be sure to use the accounts in which the app was purchased on the original device.
  6. Re-download the app from the App Store.
  7. Open the app and sign in.
  8. Select the language you purchased.
  9. Tap the Menu option in the upper right hand corner
  10. Tap the gear icon (Settings) from the drop down menu.
  11. Tap Buy Languages.
  12. Tap Restore purchases.
  13. Go back to home screen.
Your purchase should now be restored. If you need further assistance, click here to contact Rosetta Stone Support.

Note: These lessons can only be accessed on your Apple mobile device. It cannot be accessed on a computer. 

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