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How do I put the audio files from the Audio Companion™ onto my Mobile Device?

You can download the files for the Audio Companion to your computer to aid you in transferring those files to your mobile device.You may also use them directly on your Apple mobile device.

Directly in the app (Apple devices only):
Note: you must have online access to use the app. This comes from having an online subscription, a locally installed program with online rights, or purchasing directly through the iTunes store.

From various possible screens, press the "Menu" option in the upper right hand corner and choose "Extended Learning".

User-added image

Next, choose the "Audio" option.

User-added image

Next will be a prompt that you can "Access downloaded audio lessons anywhere regardless of cellular or WiFi connectivity". Press "Got It" to get to the next screen.

From here, proceed to the unit and then the lesson that you wish to listen to.

User-added image

You can then enjoy your audio companion, which will also show you a corresponding picture for the word or phrase you are listening to.

User-added image

Using Windows Media Player:

Click here for instructions on how to copy the files to your computer.

How to sync the files to your mobile device:  

  1. Connect the device to the PC and turn it on.
  2. Open Windows Media Player, and then either tap or click Finish to sync automatically, or tap or click Finish and then tap or click the Sync tab to choose files manually.

Using iTunes on Mac:

Click here for instructions on how to import the files to iTunes.

Click here for instructions on how to sync the files to your mobile device.

If you are still having trouble transferring the files to your mobile device, you will need to contact your device's manufacturer for assistance.

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