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How do I access alternative keyboards?

During writing activities, you can enter a word or phrase in either of two ways:
  • Type the letters with your physical keyboard while using the on-screen keyboard for reference on the key locations. 
  • Click the correct letters on the on-screen keyboard with your mouse.


For some languages, you can click the special character key to insert characters with accent marks and other symbols that create new sounds or letters, such as á, ö, ñ, ç.

Note: You can also access the letters with accent marks by clicking or pressing the Shift button on your physical keyboard.



Once you have found your desired character, click on it to insert the character into the word or phrase.

Note: If you cannot find a certain letter or symbol, please press the Shift key to access the alternative keyboard layout.
Note: If you keep getting answers wrong, double check that the spelling and punctuation is correct.

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