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How can I customize my Course?

You can customize your Course several ways:

  • Signing in for the first time. You'll see the image below with four options; use these options to create a customized curriculum to meet your specific learning objectives.
To change your course settings later:
Language Learning, online subscription (Formerly TOTALe Online):
  • Enter an activity from your Homescreen.  Click the gear icon User-added image on your toolbar > Course Settings > Change your course settings from the menu bar.
Language Learning, CD-ROM or download (formerly Version 4):
  • Changing your settings. Open the program to the Homescreen.  Click on the gear icon User-added image > Change Settings > Click on the Course tab and near the bottom next to Your Course:  Click on Change your course settings.

Here are brief descriptions of your four options:

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening : a balanced Course that develops your reading, writing, speaking, and listening-comprehension skills.

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening - Extended : get extra practice with listening comprehension and reading, especially if you're unfamiliar with the writing system.

Speaking and Listening : to focus your study on learning to speak with less emphasis on written language.

Reading and Writing : to focus your study on learning to read and write with less emphasis on spoken language.

Learn letters and sounds : Your first reading and writing activities introduce the sounds that characters make. If you’re already comfortable with this material, or don’t want to focus on learning the characters, uncheck the box.



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