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Audio Companion FAQ

What is the Audio Companion?

The Audio Companion™ enables learners to carry their Rosetta Stone learning into every day activities. It's intended to complement, not replace, the dynamic immersion language learning experience of the software itself. The tracks on the Audio Companion correspond to the Lessons and Units in Rosetta Stone.

How do I use the Audio Companion?

Your Audio Companion can be played on your stereo (or any audio device that supports MP3 files) or imported onto your computer and synced with an MP3 player. The track information is configured for and registered with Apple iTunes® so it is highly recommended that you use iTunes® when working with the Audio Companion on your computer. The Audio Companion is designed so that even when you aren’t able to access your course you still have on-the-go access to practicing course content. Use your Audio Companion to practice pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, speaking and conversation.

You can learn how to use your Audio Companion™ on your mobile device here.

How can I download the Audio Companion?

You can download the Audio companion files by clicking here.

What rights do I have to copy/distribute the Audio Companion?

You are free to make as many copies of the Audio Companion disks as you like and to import the content of the disks onto your computer. The whole point of the Audio Companion is to increase access and exposure to language content so it is free to distribute any disk or file copies as you see fit to Rosetta Stone learners.

To find out more about how to utilize your Audio Companion, view our Audio Companion Guide!


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