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What can I do with Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone® for iPad?

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone® will mirror* your experience in Language Training. You’ll experience the same speaking and pronunciation activities as if you’re practicing in Rosetta Stone Language Learning on your computer, but now on your iPad®.  Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone™ provides a mobile experience away from your desk. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone™ provides tracking so that what you learn on your iPad will sync with your main computer.

Anyone can use Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone.  Create a free account to demo the app, and purchase a Rosetta Stone Language Learning Online subscription for the full experience.  

For full access, Rosetta Stone Language Learning learners will need an active Online Subscription, which can be purchased from My Account.  The progress you make in Language Training on your browser will automatically update in your Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone app, and vice versa. 

Note: You will need to log into your Language Learning program from a computer to access Live Tutoring or Games & Activities.

*Does not include writing and milestone activities. This information does not pertain to purchases made directly through the Google Play store or iTunes. 

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