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Rosetta Stone Education Seminars EMEA

We're excited to offer you the chance to watch our series of five web-based sessions designed to help you get the most out of your Rosetta Stone solution. The sessions range from 5-15 minutes, aimed at breaking down your training into small pieces you can watch whenever you have time available.

Session 1Rosetta Stone Methodology (5 mins)
An explanation of how Rosetta Stone's unique immersion methodology teaches languages.

Session 2Benefits of Rosetta Stone for your School (10 mins)
Overview of the different applications for Rosetta Stone in your school to address different needs such as MFL, EAL and staff development.

Session 3Rosetta Stone Classroom Demo (15 mins)
A live walk-through of the Rosetta Stone program to show you the different activities your students will be completing

Session 4Using Rosetta Stone with your Curriculum (10 mins)
A comprehensive look into how Rosetta Stone can be used alongside your curriculum to support your teaching.

Session 5Metrics and Best Practice for Rosetta Stone (10 mins)
Tips for a successful launch and implementation of the Rosetta Stone program at your school, including student motivation, parent engagement and usage expectations.

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