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Rosetta Stone Administrative System FAQ

Can a learner be assigned to more than one language?
Each license is associated with one language for one learner. A learner is welcome to learn more than one language, but they will take up two license seats. 

How do I place a learner in the Rosetta Stone program?
It is recommended that learners start at the beginning of the Rosetta Stone program (Level 1/Unit 1/Core Lesson 1). If they have a background in the language, it is recommended that they begin by completing Review Activities. Once they get to a point that they are no longer scoring high on the Review Activities, they should begin working through the focused activities as well.

Can we run a report on administrator log-ins?
Currently, there is not a way to run a report that depicts administrator log-ins.

Can I change the language to which a learner is assigned?
The language a learner is assigned to can be changed one time. When the language has been changed once, the option to change will be grey; this will indicate that the one change has already been used.

If I switch a learner’s language, will their previous progress be saved?
The progress for the previous languages will not be saved. It is recommended that a report be run for the previous language before switching language to have a record of all previous progress.

If I switch a learner’s curriculum, will their previous progress be saved?
Only activities that are exactly the same in both curricula will be saved.

What’s the difference between smart and custom lists?
Smart Lists create a list of learners based on chosen filters for predefined criteria. This is one of the most common lists you will use because it will automatically update information as set in the filter/criteria. Custom Lists are used to create a customized list of specific learners, and all changes for these lists are manual by the administrator.

How can I make changes to several students’ accounts at once?
To make changes to several students’ accounts at once, you can perform a Batch Operation, which is described here.

How do I schedule an automated report?
Within the Rosetta Stone administrative system, click on the Reports tab. Under the Usage Report, click on the “Schedule” button. Choose the group for which you want to run the report by clicking on “Change Group.” If you want to see all usage, be sure to choose the top level group in your structure. Click Apply after selecting your group. You can also choose to include learners with no usage and inactive learners. Select how often you would like to receive the report, how much usage you would like to see (for all time or since the last report) and what format you would like to have the report delivered to you in. Click “Schedule.”

How do I change my administrator password?
After launching the Rosetta Stone administrative system, on the Administrators tab, click on “Manage.” In the list of administrators, double-click on the administrator that needs to be edited. Administrator Details will appear to the right. Click on the padlock icon to clear the password fields. Enter a new password in both the “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields. When finished, click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right.

How does the Rosetta Course correlate to state standards?
To view information about correlation, visit this site.

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