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Getting Started in Foundations with Previous Experience

If you have previous experience with the language you are learning with Rosetta Stone Foundations, starting at the beginning of the program may not be ideal. Instead, we have two recommendations for finding the right starting point: reviewing our Scope and Sequence Guide/Course Contents and completing Review Activities.

Review Our Scope and Sequence Guide and Course Contents

First, we recommend checking out our Scope and Sequence Guide for a broad sense of the core concepts and grammar that each unit covers. Then, you can use our Course Contents to see specifically what is covered in each Core Lesson to find an appropriate place to continue your learning journey in the program. All content in the program is initially introduced in core lessons, making our Course Contents the perfect place to figure out where the content you already know stops and new content begins (click here to learn more about Core Lessons and other lesson types). Using this document, you can better understand your current language skills and move to a unit that best lines up with your prior knowledge. If you decide to move to a higher unit using this method, we recommend that you begin with the first Core Lesson, not in the middle of a unit.

Complete Review Activities

If you’re not sure where to start based on our Course Contents or would like to take a different, quiz-like approach, we recommend completing Review Activities one after another until you reach content that you don’t recognize or is too difficult. Review Activities give you a check for understanding to assess whether you know the content covered in the previous Core Lessons or not. Review Activities are denoted by the icon with two arrows shaped like a square and appear under Lessons 3 and 4 of every unit. Completing them will give you a refresher of elementary language skills and vocabulary while helping you find an ideal starting place.


If you pass a Review Activity easily, move on to the next Review Activity. If you pass the Review Activities under Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 in a given unit, click the Show Menu button at the top left, go to the next unit, and continue with the next Review Activity under Lesson 3.


Once you reach a Review Activity where you do not know the content or it takes multiple attempts to pass, this indicates that the content surpasses your prior knowledge, and you’ve found your starting place. Go back to the nearest Core Lesson and get started!

Once you have found a place to begin, be sure to complete the Activities in the order they are presented. Happy learning!

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