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All About Foundations

Rosetta Stone Foundations is a scalable eLearning solution designed for beginner language learners to build fundamental language skills. Our structured approach engages learners through a predefined sequence and method using sounds, images, and text to help learners absorb meaning intuitively, so language learning is natural.

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*Product screenshots are meant to provide a general idea of what the Foundations update will look like. Design and functionality are subject to change as our Foundations product is updated and refined over time.

New Features

  • Flash-free web experience (lessons, stories, and tutoring*)
  • Updated, modern interface
  • Consistent navigation between web and mobile
  • Clear progress information directly in the menu
  • Improved speech recognition
  • Easier setup and future browser support
  • Mobile offline mode
*De-Flashed live tutoring will be released at a later date than the initial Foundations lessons and stories update.

Administrator Tools*

Our management tool delivers powerful functionality to register learners, manage their accounts, and monitor overall usage and progress. Reports can be generated for individual learners or entire groups of learners, so administrators can quickly and easily check the pulse of their program.
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*De-Flashed administrator tools will be released at a later date than the initial Foundations lessons and stories update.

Learner Experience

Learning begins immediately in an immersion environment with interactive activities carefully sequenced to build language naturally. Core lessons introduce reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, followed by key skills such as grammar and vocabulary are refined in focused activities.

Strong emphasis is placed on producing spoken language. Proprietary speech recognition technology evaluates learners’ pronunciation and provides immediate feedback, which guides learners to speak the new language correctly.
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Available Languages

Foundations includes access to 25 languages:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dutch
  • English (American)
  • English (British)
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Mobile App

The Foundations Learn Languages mobile app offers a best-in-class mobile experience powered by our Adaptive Blended Learning (ABLe) platform. Web/mobile lesson parity* and progress syncing allow learners to move seamlessly between devices and learn anywhere, anytime — including offline.*

*Writing activities and live tutoring sessions must be completed on a computer. Offline Mode is available for Enterprise and Higher Education clients by default and for K12 clients by request.

The following features are available for Enterprise and Higher Education clients, and will be modified to be available for K12 clients in the future:

  • Seek & Speak, which allows learners to practice their new language by interacting with the world around them.
  • Phrasebook, which includes phrases that learners can use in their target language during a variety of everyday situations. 

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