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Resources for English Learners

Additional Teacher Resources for English Learners

Below are resources for teachers to use when working with English (American) learners. 

Teacher's Guides

Our Teacher's Guide contains a variety of tools you can use to integrate the Rosetta Stone® program into your classroom. Audio files that accompany different activities in the Teacher Guides.
Tests and Answer Keys*

For each unit and core lesson. Audio files for the tests that correspond with the "listening" section of the tests. 
Workbooks and Answer Keys*

These workbooks contain several activity pages and one quiz for each lesson.
Flash Cards

These are great for helping students study or for use in classroom activities.
Memory Card Game

Memory cards have been created for each level of the program and include game pieces that have images from the program on one side and the vocabulary words on the other. 
Unit Reading Exercises

These reading exercises coincide with the program and offer additional reading and comprehension practice for students
Focused Readings

These exercises are for Units 17 & 20 and include sections on Folktales, Narrative & Poem, Argumentative Essays, Biographies & Reported Speech, and Historical Documents
Storybooks and Audio: Rob and Maria

The storybook of Rob and Maria is a guided story that has quizzes and writing prompts throughout. It also comes with an answer key to the quizzes and audio files as well.  
*Please note that all the answer keys are locked and require a password. If you do not know the password, please contact for assistance. Please help us keep the answers from being accessed by students by not posting the password onto the internet. Once posted online, search engines can help students find the password and access the answers.

K-2 Specific Content: This content is specifically for learners in Kindergarten, First, or Second grade.

Teacher's Guides

Our Teacher's Guide contains a variety of tools you can use to integrate the Rosetta Stone® program into your classroom.

These workbooks are for use in a K-2 classroom. 
Visual Support Materials

Includes visual support materials for each module laid out in the Teacher's Guide
Alphabet Book

​​​​​​​The alphabet book is for young learners to use for writing practice of different letters and words. 
Next, find additional resources specifically for Spanish (Latin America) learners.