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All About the Rosetta Stone macOS Catalina App

The new Rosetta Stone Learn Languages app for Mac is now available for free download on the Mac App Store with macOS Catalina. You will have full access to the Learn Language Application if you have a Rosetta Stone® account. If you're not a Rosetta Stone customer, you can create an account to demo the application. 


Rosetta Stone’s new Mac app has all of the functionality of the award-winning Rosetta Stone Learn Languages app for iPad and iPhone, optimized for the Mac desktop experience, including:

  • TruAccent - Rosetta Stone’s patented speech recognition engine. TruAccent works seamlessly with the Mac’s audio system so language learners can gain confidence speaking right from the start, and perfect their pronunciation.
  • No internet? No problem! Rosetta Stone lessons can be downloaded for offline use on a Mac.
  • Existing Users - Users with existing accounts can simply log in to their account on the Mac app. *Not applicable for CD or Digital Download accounts.
  • Personal Users only - Learners have the convenience of subscribing to Rosetta Stone on the Mac, just like they can today with Rosetta Stone’s iPhone and iPad apps.

To access the MacOs App on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mac App Store


  2. Search for “Rosetta Stone”

  1. Click Get and then Install.


  2. Once the application has been downloaded, find and open the application.

  1. Click Sign In.


6. Once signed in, you will be able to see the course menu. Select a Unit to get started.


7. Extended Learning is where Phrasebook, Stories, and Audio Companion can be found.

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