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Rosetta Stone LTI Integration Troubleshooting

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Error Messages

Sorry, the LTI custom parameter “rosetta_stone_language_id” is not set. Please check your configuration, or contact Rosetta Stone support.The custom parameter is required but is missing. Enter the custom parameter in the course item with a language code. Some LMS requires a prefix of “custom_” before custom parameters.
The Language Code is invalid. See your administrator.The language code doesn’t match any available languages. Check your language ID parameter for a valid language code.
The system couldn't find a Group for the specified Group Name.The group being assigned doesn’t exist for rosetta_stone_group parameter's value. Create the group or modify the value to match an existing group.
A Group has the same name as another. Specify a group hierarchy separated by colon.
Example: Top Level:All Languages Group
The group being assigned exists by name in more than one location. Either list out the hierarchy separated by colon or rename the target group to be unique.
This Learner is learning a language that the To Group doesn't support.The group being assigned doesn’t support the language the user is learning. Either allow the target language for that group or choose a different group.
E-mail address can't be blank.Teacher email address must be included in the LTI application. Student email address may also be required under most circumstances. See the Rosetta Stone LTI documentation for more information.
Please sign in againThis is caused by newly-implemented security features in Chrome and Safari that disallow access to cookies that aren't of same-site. Either use another browser such as Firefox or Edge or follow these steps to change Chrome's security settings to bypass this error.

Unexpected Behavior

Nothing loads when launching Rosetta Stone from the LMS
  • Ensure the course is set up to launch the external item in a new window or tab and not embedded or in a frame within the LMS.
  • Ensure pop-up blockers are disabled for the LMS and Rosetta Stone site.
A user in the wrong group an/or won’t update group assignment
  • Ensure the group parameter value is present, valid, and correct on the course assigned to the student.
  • Ensure the target group allows the language the user is learning.
  • Ensure the correct and only LMS course is assigned to the student as assigning additional courses with a differing group ID will move the user as they sign in.
A user’s language won’t change
User language does not update, even if launching an LTI application with a different language. If the user is in the wrong language by mistake, deleting the user and signing in again through the correct LTI application will create a new user with the target language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deactivate users?
  • This action is not supported with LTI and must be accomplished within Rosetta Stone administrative tools.
  • To suspend the student’s access to Rosetta Stone, unenrol the student from the LMS course, however, the user account in Rosetta Stone will remain active.
How do I reactivate learners?
  • If the user is deactivated and launches Rosetta Stone from the LMS, the same account will be reactivated.
What if the user is deleted?
  • If the learner is deleted, a new account will be created the next time the student sign into Rosetta Stone through the LMS. The user may have the same username generated but will not contain progress from the previously deleted account.
What if I move the user into another group manually using the Administrator Tools?
  • The next time the student signs in, the user account will be moved into the group associated with the LTI application launched. If the group doesn’t exist, the user will receive an error.
How do I remove permission/privileges from Teachers?
  • Using the Administrative Tools, any administrative account with ‘All Privileges' role in the may add and remove permissions from any other administrative account.
How do I map an existing user account to an LTI account?
  1. Generate the new LTI user account by signing in to Rosetta Stone through the LMS.
  2. Swap the username of the existing user account with the newly-generated “LTIlearner” account.
  3. Signing in through the LMS will now refer to the existing user account by the new username.
  4. It’s suggested but not required to deactivate the account no longer to be used.
Is it possible to login through the Rosetta Stone portal using LTI credentials?
  • No. The user account credentials will not work within the sign-in page.

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