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How to Change Languages in Catalyst


How to Change Languages

If your administrator/organization allows you to change your own language, you can change it at any time from your “My Profile” page. Progress on previous languages will be saved, so you can return to a previous language at any time and pick up where you left off. If you do not see the “Change Language” option on your profile, please contact your Rosetta Stone administrator to discuss if the feature is right for your organization

To change your own language:

1. Log in to your Rosetta Stone Catalyst site at Your language can only be changed from a browser, not one of our mobile apps, so please sign in from a browser on a computer or mobile device. (If your organization uses SSO, here are instructions for signing in on the web.)

2. Click your name at the top right, then click “My Profile.”

3. Click the blue “Change language” text.



4. Choose another language you’d like to learn from the dropdown.

5. Click “Change Language.”



6. If you have not studied this language on your profile before, the program will prompt you to take a questionnaire and self-assessment for your new language.


Available Languages

Click here to view the available languages in Catalyst.


Reporting on Multiple Languages

Administrator Reports

When administrators view reports within the admin tools, usage for each language will show up as a separate row for each learner.



When the report is exported, usage for each language will show up as a separate row for each learner, and only the current language will have an active license listed in the “License” column.

Click here to learn more about administrator reports.


Learner Reports

Learners can export their own usage report by logging in at, then clicking the “Export Report” button on Launchpad.



The report can be exported as a XLS or CSV format, and will show usage for all languages studied during the selected timeframe as a separate row. The current language will show a “Yes” in the “Currently Licensed?” column, while inactive languages will show a “No.”



For Administrators: How to Turn On or Turn Off this Option for Learners

Catalyst administrators can request that this feature be turned on or off. If your learners do not have the ability to change their own language, or if they do and you’d like to turn it off, please contact your representative to discuss if the feature is right for your organization.



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