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What If My Learners Don't Receive Their Welcome Emails?

If you are experiencing an issue with Welcome Emails not being sent it is often times a security issue. Most organizations have powerful security settings in place that can automatically filter emails to the spam folder or stop them from being received at all. To solve this problem we suggest coordinating your IT department and having engagement@rosettastone.com added to the directory so your learners will have no problems receiving the emails. It is important to follow up with learners after sending Welcome Emails, because if they don't receive their Welcome Email they're in the dark. We recommend sending a group email to all learners after creating their accounts saying something like, "You should be receiving an email with a link to get started with your Rosetta Stone program. Please let me know if you do not receive this email." This keeps learners informed and gives them a channel to communicate if they have questions.
How Can I Tell If A Learner Hasn't Received The Welcome Email?

It can be difficult to determine whether a learner can't sign in because he or she hasn't received a Welcome Email or because they simply forgot their password. I've included some common scenarios below that may help indicate a missing Welcome Email.

Here are some questions you can ask the learner to determine this:
  • Have you received an email from engagement@rosettastone.com? Please use the search function in your email account to search for the email.
    • ​​If the learner can't find the email by searching for it, it is possible it was not received.
  • Have you checked your spam or junk folder? 
    • Sometimes the Welcome Email makes its way to the spam folder instead of the inbox, but if it isn't there either it could be possible that it wasn't received at all.
Here are some hints you may receive from a learner that could mean the learner hasn't received a Welcome Email:
  • I tried to reset my password but I got the error message "Login failed. Email or password is incorrect." 
    • This can either be because the learner typed their email address incorrectly, or because the learner hasn't completed their profile which indicates that the learner hasn't received a Welcome Email.
  • I still haven't received my login information for the program. I'm not sure what my password is.
    • A learner creates his or her password after clicking on the link provided in the Welcome Email. If a learner seems to hint that he or she is waiting on a password, than a Welcome Email was probably not received. 

The easiest way to determine if a learner hasn't received the Welcome Email is to check the learner's profile in the Administrator Tools.

1. Open the Administrator Tools and click on the "Users" section.
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2. Find the learner on the list and check if there is a date under the "Profile Completed" column. If the learner's profile is completed then the learner has received the email and was able to successfully activate the account. If there is not a date that means the profile is still incomplete and could be due to the learner not receiving the Welcome Email.
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3. Click directly on the learner's name to open the learner's profile.
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4. If the learner hasn't activated the account you will see an option at the bottom to "Resend Welcome Email". You can click the button to attempt to resend the Welcome Email.
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Even After Resending The Welcome Email The Learner Still Doesn't Receive Anything

If the learner can't receive the Welcome Email despite multiple attempts at sending it, it is possible to create a Manual Registration link for the learner. This link will act the same as the link sent through the Welcome Email and allow the learner to complete the profile.

1. Open the affected learner's profile in the Administrator Tools. You may notice that the URL or web address changes when clicking on a learner's profile. This is because every learner is assigned a unique GUID or random string of numbers that uniquely identifies the learner's account from all other accounts. The learner's GUID can be found in the URL of the profile. In the example below, the unique GUID for the account is f5644efd-06ee-4df7-ba0c-24bad62c09b5. You will want to highlight the GUID and copy it. 
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Note that the URL for the learner's profile will always follow this format: https://administratortools.rosettastone.com/#/people/edit/GUID/profile
2. Paste the GUID at the end of this URL: https://login.rosettastone.com/#/register/ to create the Manual Registration link. You may save the first portion of the link as it will never change, only the GUID at the end will change.

For the example given above, the Manual Registration link for the account is: https://login.rosettastone.com/#/register/f5644efd-06ee-4df7-ba0c-24bad62c09b5

3. Send the Manual Registration link to the learner and have them open the link in an incognito or private browser window. In Google Chrome the shortcut to open an incognito window is "Ctrl + Shift + N". In Internet Explorer and Firefox the shortcut to open a private window is "Ctrl + Shift + P". It is important to open the link in one of these private browser windows to avoid any cached data the browser may have stored for the website. Once the learner copy and pastes the Manual Registration link into the new window the profile completion screen where the learner will create a password and decide other important account settings. This is the exact same screen the Welcome Email takes learners.
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This method is an effective workaround, but it is not suggested to be used for every single learner. Please coordinate with your IT department to discuss security settings and how they may be effecting your emails.

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