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Headset Selection and Configuration for Foundations

Rosetta Stone® speech recognition technology is a key element of our language-learning solution.To utilize this feature we recommend using a device equipped with a microphone, such as a headset or earbuds.

Please note: Earbuds that feature the microphone on the cord are typically not recommended, as the microphone may be too far from the mouth and will pick up ambient noise, background noise, etc. which disrupts the effectiveness of speech recognition.

Calibrating your Headset

Step 1: After launching your first activity from the home screen, you will be prompted to select your microphone from an available list. If your microphone is correctly set in your computer’s operating system, then the first microphone on this list (usually marked as “Default”) should be the headset you want to use. Choose the microphone you wish to use and click “Continue.”


Step 2: Once at the Microphone Setup screen, ensure you are wearing the headset and when ready, click Continue. You will hear a tone, prompting you to count to 5 in a normal speaking voice in your primary language.


*Hot Tip: During the headset setup, the program is not assessing your ability to count to 5 in the language you are learning, our software simply needs to hear you speak so it can calibrate to the sound of your voice and give you accurate feedback in your lessons. For that reason, we recommend counting in the language you are most familiar with during setup.



Once the setup has been completed, you will receive a notification if it was successful. If the setup was not successful, you can repeat it as needed. Otherwise, click "Continue" to begin your lesson.
If at any time during a lesson you want to recalibrate your microphone, you can click on the settings icon in the upper right corner. 

From Settings, you can recalibrate your microphone by clicking on the “Microphone Setup” link. You can also set your voice type (Adult Male, Adult Female, or Child) to help our speech recognition software give you more accurate feedback on your speaking lessons. You can also raise or lower the difficulty of the speaking lessons by moving the slider bar under "Pronunciation Setting."



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