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Batch Updates

Update Users allows you to  make changes to a list of users loaded from a CSV file or by copy and pasting the content of the file into an interface provided by the program.

Preparing your data for importing:

Use one row for each user record, and use one column for each data field. Please include column headings in the first row.

Required fields:
  •     First name
  •     Last name
  •     Email address
  •     Interface language - We can show instructions and send email in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Latin America), or Portuguese (Brazil). Choose the learner’s native/most familiar language.
  •     Language of Study

Optional Fields:

Use optional fields to include additional information, such as a learner ID number. (You can assign these fields after uploading your file.)
  •     User field 1
  •     User field 2
  •     User field 3
  •     User field 4
  •     User field 5
  •     User field 6
  •     Notes
Note: You can import up to 1000 users at a time.  Large files may take several minutes to import.
Sample Excel file

Fill the Excel sheet with the list of learners that you need to update and save the file using CSV format. This is how your Excel sheet may look like.
User-added image  
You can download a sample CSV file from here.

How to run the Batch Update.

1. Launch the Administrator Tools and click the Users tab.
User-added image

2. You will get a new window with two options: 'Paste From Spreadsheet'  and 'Upload CSV File'
User-added image

3.a Choosing 'Paste From Spreadsheet'  allows you to copy the list from an Excel sheet and paste it in Excel-like form available in the program. The form provides a [Continue] button located in the lower hand right corner to validate your entry.
User-added image
3.b Or  upload from a CSV file.  In this case, click on [Browse Files] to navigate to the CSV file location. Select the file and  then click on Open to load the file content.
User-added image

4. Once the list of users is loaded, you will have the option to review  and then click on [Update] to submit the changes or [Cancel] to abort the changes.
User-added image

5. Updated users will remain selected and ready for other actions like Add/ Remove license or Send email.
User-added image
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