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Rosetta Stone Immersion-Based Learning Method

As a child, you learned to speak instinctively by experiencing the world around you. Rosetta Stone uses immersion based learning method to simulate a real-life immersion experience. By carefully crafting sequences of words and images, we enable you to intuitively derive the meaning of each new language concept.  For example, if you were being taught French, the program may show you an image of a ham sandwich, label it "un sandwich", and ask you what "un sandwich" is by having you choose between images a red apple, a pepperoni sandwich, and an egg.  By using deductive reasoning, you'll know the pepperoni sandwich is the correct choice. 
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Following the principles our immersion method, you'll be surrounded with words, images, and the voices of native speakers. You'll progress naturally from words and phrases to sentences and conversations. Without translation or tedious explanations or drills, you'll learn correct grammar and syntax by reading and listening to examples of native speakers using the language. This way of learning uses your own natural language-learning abilities by connecting new language with meaning in real-life contexts, empowering you to think in your new language.

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