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How to Update Multiple Learners via Import

If learners have been registered in the Rosetta Stone program, an administrator can update the following data for multiple learners at a time using the learner import sheet:
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Group
  • Middle Name
  • Curriculum
  • Notes
To update these fields for existing learners, administrators should input the relevant information into a new import file using the import template.

Please note that the learner's current username must be included in addition to the information you wish to update. The username is the unique identifier and is needed for the program to locate the learner you wish to update. Username cannot be changed via the import file.

For example, an administrator that only wanted to update the First Name and Last Name fields for the learners would simply need to include the Username, First Name, and Last Name values in the import sheet, as in the sample below:
User-added image

To update learners’ information, follow these steps:

1.  Sign in and select “Import” from the drop-down menu under the Learners tab.

User-added image

2.  On the Import Learners screen, check on the box beside “Update existing Learners” under Import Options.

User-added image

3.  Click on “Browse,” and upload your import sheet with the updated learner information.

User-added image

4.  Click on “Import File.”

5.  Select the data you wish to update by clicking on “Update” above the relevant column.

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6.  If you receive any errors with the information you’re attempting to update during this process, you can consult the "What to do if learners don't import properly" section of this article to resolve them.

7.  When all the fields are assigned to your preference, click “Submit Import.”

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8.  A report of the import will display, indicating the number of learners that you have updated and/or that have not been updated.

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