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Install Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Application CD (Windows)

Installing your Application CD is the first step in setting up your Rosetta Stone®.

1. Insert your Application CD into your CD-ROM drive. Your Application CD can be found inside your Rosetta Stone® Box in the CD wallet; it will be labeled Application.
*The application disk has a blue ring around the middle.

2. Choose your preferred interface language. Your interface language is your native language—not the language you want to learn.

3. Follow the steps prompted by the Rosetta Stone Language Training Setup Wizard.  Click Next > to continue.

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4. Read the License Agreement . If you choose to accept all of the terms, click Yes. You will be asked to accept 2 different License Agreements.

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Please wait while the files are copied onto your computer. This may take a few minutes .

5. After the files are finished loading, click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

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7. Rosetta stone applications should launch automatically. Please perform any updates prompted by the application. Once all of the updates are performed, then you will be prompted with screen shown in Step 8.

8. Click Add a Language Level . You'll be prompted to insert the Language CD in the CD-ROM drive.

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9. Remove your Application CD and insert your Language Level CD (See below). For instructions for installing your Language Levels, please read this article .

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*The language level disks has a green ring around the middle.

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