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User Management

All About User Management

Use this article to help manage user accounts within your Rosetta Stone® solution.  Select from the options below to get started. 

Make changes to user accounts

Changes can be made to user accounts throughout your subscription if necessary.

Update an individual user's account
Update multiple user accounts

Update an individual user's account

Administrators have the ability to edit user account information, Language of Study*, CEFR Level, and Product assignment, as well as deactivate or delete accounts.  Here are the instructions on how to do so on an individual basis.

1.  Navigate to the "Users" section in Administrator Tools.  Locate and click on the name of the user you wish to review or edit.


User-added image

2.  To edit user account information or Language of Study, do so on the "Profile Setup" page and then click "Save".

User-added image

3.  To edit a learner's CEFR Level, Product or license, do so on the "Licensing" page and then click "Save".

User-added image

*Please note that a learner's Language of Study can be changed as many times as necessary through this process.

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Update multiple user accounts

Instructions on how to update multiple user accounts simultaneously can be found here.

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Add or remove user accounts

An administrator has the ability to add new user accounts, remove licenses from user accounts, and delete user accounts.

Adding a user account

Instructions on how to register a user account individually can be found here.
Instructions on how to register multiple learners at the same time can be found here

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Removing a license

A user's account can be deactivated by removing the license associated with it.  You may consult the Batch Update article for instructions on how to deactivate multiple learners simultaneously.

1.  Navigate to a user's account profile and select "Licenses".

User-added image

2.  Click on the "X" next to the license that you wish to remove.

User-added image

3.  Select "save" to finalize changes.  You will then be returned to the "Users" list.

User-added image
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Deleting a user account

1.  Navigate to a user's account profile and select "Profile Setup".

User-added image

2.  Below the "Notes" field, click on "Delete this user".

User-added image

3.  Click on "Yes, Delete".  Once the user has been deleted you will be returned to the "Users" list.

User-added image

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Check the number of licenses in use

In managing a site you may need to review the number of licenses in use.

1.  Navigate to the "Licenses" tab.

User-added image

2.  You will be presented with the license(s) available to your organization.  The "Assigned" column will confirm the number of licenses that are currently in use as well as how many licenses are available for use.

User-added image

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