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Notification of Usage Requirements

Notification of Usage Requirements

Copy and paste the text below, or click here to download a Microsoft Outlook template.


I am pleased to let you know that as part of our long-term strategy, COMPANY has invested in the Rosetta Stone® language learning solution. Multilingualism is key to improving communication, both externally and internally, and subsequently it will boost our productivity, helping us to compete in an increasingly global market.
We fully support staff who use their skills to drive the business forward, and that is why we are giving you the opportunity to gain a new skill using this leading language-learning solution.
Monthly Usage Requirement
While learning a language is a very rewarding experience, it also requires motivation and consistency. As such, we expect those participating to complete # HOURS PER MONTH within the program, including at least # Live Tutoring session(s). This usage requirement equates to just # MINUTES of learning every other day, an easily attainable goal.
License Reassignment
We will be closely monitoring usage of the program to ensure you are hitting the target of # HOURS PER MONTH. We will also be updating your supervisor on a monthly basis so they can help you progress.
Given the high levels of interest in the program, failure to meet the minimum usage requirement outlined above may result in your license being revoked and issued to someone else.
Next Steps
This course requires your dedication to be successful. If you put in the time and effort, you will see enriching results that will help you develop both professionally and personally. We will be here to support you as will your supervisor, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Good luck,
(Inset Admin Name)

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