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How to Complete My Lessons

IMPORTANT: If you do not finish an exercise and exit your training, the software will continue from where you left off the previous connection, but if you start a new exercise and then try to resume a previous exercise, you will need to start it over.

Please follow these steps to select the lesson you want to work

1. The program will keep track of the last lesson you worked on. To resume your lesson, click on "Continue".

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2. To start a new lesson, click the "Language Training" icon located in the left panel to see a summary of your training plan.

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3. Click the arrow icon '>' located to the right of the lesson name to see the list of activity required to complete this lesson.

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4. Click the activity name to enter.

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5. Now that your lesson is selected, you can follow the exercises in the proposed order or select your own exercise. To do so, click the button with the three superimposed lines located in the upper right hand corner of your Rosetta Stone® window and the select the the exercise you want to practice.

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