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Error A0000

Error A0000

Error A0000: followed by some coded words or error number (example below) can have several different causes.

If you see this type of error, please contact Rosetta Stone support and provide as much information as possible from the details listed below.  You may wish to ask your Information Technology team to help determine some of the details if they are available. These details can help our Quality Assurance team to more quickly determine a cause and resolution.

Please review the questions below and provide as much information as you can via the e-mail button here -

We will need to know the sign in details such as the email address for your account.

  • We may also ask you for the password if we need to be able to sign in on your account. If you have a sensitive password that you would prefer not to share, you could temporarily reset your password to something more generic. Feel free to reset the password later after issues are reviewed more thoroughly.

What is the Level, the Activity type, Activity Set name, Activity Set ID, Course name, URL?

  • URL example:

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

How often does the error occur?

  • Example: Every time or once out of five attempts, etc.

Program version:

  • This appears in the lower left far below "Sign out".
  • If you click the version number, additional details appear such as the build details.
  • You can also select and copy those details to paste in with your message or into a document as an attachment.

Computer Operating System:

  • Examples: Windows 7 Professional SP1 or Mac OS X 10.9.5

Browser type and version:

  • Examples: Chrome 38.0.2125.104 m or Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.17116

Adobe Flash version:

  • This site can display version details.
  • If you are using Chrome, you may be able to see the version by typing "chrome://plugins" without the quotes in a new tab in Chrome and hit enter. Since these are advanced settings, we recommend against making any changes without review with your IT team and/or your Rosetta Stone Support team.
  • Click Details on the right to expand to see and copy all the details of the Adobe Flash player versions appearing.
Failed API Calls:
If available, include the response to failed API calls. Examples of failed API calls are lines with Red X errors or Yellow exclamation point warnings. Please select and copy manually or grab as full screenshot images. View these lines using the tools described below.
  • Chrome More Tools > JavaScript Console (Ctrl + Shift + J) Console tab
  • IE Developer Tools (F12) Console tab
  • Firefox Developer (Ctrl + Shift + J) Net tab or if Firebug installed - Net tab
  • Safari
    Open Safari's Preferences by selecting "Safari, Preferences" from the menu.
    Click the "Advanced" tab.
    Place a check mark next to "Show Develop menu in menu bar."
    From Develop menu select Show Error Console - Console tab

Click here to initiate an email to us. Click "E-mail us" in the lower left.

If you wish to send any attachments such as a screenshot, you can attach those as a reply to the confirmation notification you should receive after submitting the initial email function to us.


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