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Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool - Why do the Passage Comprehension activities prevent the student from seeing the text while they answer questions in the Standard Step?

In levels 12 through 18, the Comprehension Strand focuses on passage reading and answering higher-order thinking skills questions about each text. Within those activities, the task is structured to allow students to read and re-read the passage as many times as they need to, and encourages students to be monitoring for meaning as they read – self checking their understanding by questioning and reviewing as part of their reading process.

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Once a student clicks the arrow to indicate they are ready to move on to the questions, the passage disappears. This is done to teach students the skills they need to be applying while they read to ensure that when they finish a selection, they have a good grasp of the deeper meaning of the text. The text does re-appear in both the Guided Practice and Explicit Instruction steps

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