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While trying to activate a Version 3 Language Level, I see an error message that says: "An error occurred while activating your seat licenses. Would you like to try again?"

error message

This error message can occur for several different reasons.

  1. A firewall or proxy is blocking the Activation Request from accessing the internet and you will need to activate via email. Please contact Rosetta Stone Institutional Success for more information.
  2. You have already used your Activation ID on a different computer. An Activation ID can only be used one time. Please follow the steps below to obtain a new set of activation ids.
    • Make sure the program has been completely removed from the previous computer
    • Contact Rosetta Stone Institutional Success with your order number to place a request for new activation Codes. 
    • You should receive your new codes in 1 or 2 business days
  3. The code(s) are already activated on your computer. If you saw a screen that said restarting license server, then your activation was successful. To confirm that your activation was successful, please follow the steps below
    • To check the status of your activation, browse to the path listed below and select lmtools.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Manager V3 Server\utility
    • Click the Server Status tab and select Perform Status Enquiry
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a Flexnet error message or a message similar to the one below:


Feature usage info:

Users of SK-ARA-L1-NA-PE-NA-NA-Y-3: (Total of 2 licenses issued; Total of 0 licenses in use)

The ARA-L1 is the language and level. (That is how it is suppose to look if correct)


If you receive a Flexnet error message, go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab:

  • Click Stop Server
    • You should see a message that says: stopping server
    • If the message says: unable to stop server, check the force server shutdown box and click Stop Server
  • Start Server
    • You should see a message that says: Start Successful
  • Click Reread License File
    • You should see a message that says: Reread completed successfully

Go back to the Server Status tab to confirm your activation status.

If you are still getting a error message, please contact Rosetta Stone Support and attach a copy of the Server Status and the lmgrd.log file from the utility folder.

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