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I own Version 2 Homeschool. What is the difference between the Accelerated and Comprehensive Tracks in the Student Management System Administrator?

The Version 2 SMS Administrator provides you with two kinds of pre-made Tracks to guide learners through their new language; Accelerated and Comprehensive.

The Comprehensive Track presents additional practice and preview exercises for each lesson. This is the recommended Track for beginners who have little to no previous experience with the language.

The Accelerated Track offers a streamlined lesson plan. This Track contains less review activities than the Comprehensive Track.

If you would like to switch from one Track to another you can easily do this through your SMS Administrator.

  • Log in to the SMS Administrator.
  • Expand the Instructors folder.
  • Expand the instructor you are using.
  • Expand the class your student is enrolled in.
  • Expand the Enrolled Students folder.
  • Click once on the name of the student whose Track you would like to change.
  • On the right, you will notice a drop-down menu for the Track they are enrolled in.
  • You can select one of the pre-made Tracks or any custom Track you have added to the Tracks folder from this drop-down menu.
  • After you select a new Track, the program will automatically start you in Unit 1 lesson 1. If you would like to resume in the same Unit and lesson that you or your student had been going through in the previous Track, select the option Set Position in Active Track . Before choosing Set Position in Active Track , make sure you have the lesson plan number and the Unit-lesson number ready.
  • When you select Set Position in Active Track a new pop-up window will appear asking you to enter the lesson plan number. You can find this number by expanding that specific Track folder.
  • After you enter the lesson plan number, it will ask you for the Unit-lesson number. In the Track folder, if you select the lesson plan, the right side of the screen will also display the Unit and lesson number.
  • After you have finished adjusting the Tracks and setting the start position, select Update Record to save your changes.

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