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Windows XP: How do I set up my headset for Rosetta Stone®

Configuring Your Headset from the Windows XP Control Panel

For best results, use a USB device: either a USB headset or USB earbuds equipped with a microphone.

1. Plug your headset into an available USB-Port .

2. Open the Start Menu .

3. Click the Control Panel icon.

4. Double-click Sounds and Audio Devices. If you do not see the Sounds and Audio Devices icon, click Switch to Classic View on the upper-left of your screen.

5. Click the Audio Tab (see Figure 1).

6. Use the drop-down menu under the Sound playback heading to select your device ( s ee Figure 1). Your device may be listed as C-Media USB Audio Device , USB VoIP Device or Other USB Device.

7. Use the drop-down menu under Sound recording heading to select your device ( s ee Figure 1). It should have the same name as the device that you selected in the previous step.

Audio Device Setup

Figure 1 . Sound and Audio Device Properties

8. Select Use only default devices to default your settings to the USB device.

9. Adjust the volume for Sound Playback to approximately 75%.

10. Click OK to save the changes.

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