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Will my headset work with Rosetta Stone?

Please note: The system requirements for you program specifically state the supported headset for your particular version of Rosetta Stone. Click here to see our Global System Requirements page.

Your Rosetta Stone program will utilize either a USB microphone headset or an analog headset depending on your version of Rosetta Stone.

What's the difference?

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USB Microphone Headset

USB microphone headsets have one rectangle plug at the end of the cord USBand are capable of transmitting audio out to the earphones and transmitting audio in from the microphone directly to your computer through the USB port on your computer. A USB port and plug will have the symbol shown above on it. USB microphone headsets that work best with our programs are simple USB microphone headsets that do not require specialized drivers and have a single cord connecting the headset to the computer. 

Analog Headset

Analog headsets come in all different shapes and varieties and are capable of transmitting audio out to the earphones and transmitting audio from the microphone directly into your computer. The two major versions you'll encounter are:
  • Single pin 3.5mm jack 
  • Dual pin 3.5mm jacks 
The single pin headset has only one plug at the end of the cord with three black stripes on the plug itself. Computers that are able to use this type of analog headset will have the symbol shown above on the compatible port. If the symbol on your port only shows the earphones and no microphone coming down, this is audio out only and will not work with a single pin headset.

A dual pin headset will have two plugs at the end of the cord: one for the microphone which will have one black stripe on the plug, the other for the sound to your earphones which will have two black stripes on the plug itself. Due to different computer manufacturers sound port stylings, you will need to refer to your computer's manual to determine which ports are for the microphone plug and the earphone plugs as they can widely vary from computer to computer.

If you need help setting up your headset in the Rosetta Stone program, please click here.

If you need further assistance, please contact Rosetta Stone by clicking here.


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