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While installing Rosetta Stone, my antivirus alerts me about a file.

Sometimes when installing Rosetta Stone, antivirus programs will think certain files are dangerous.  Many times this manifests as a positive detection of a Trojan or other known virus. Software provided by Rosetta Stone or through a Rosetta Stone authorized retailer are virus-free and safe for use.

In the below example, we can see that the Flash-based language data files are being falsely detected as an exploit:
C:\ProgramData\Rosetta Stone\TOTALe\Content\data\c4\2\c42ddaa4048f1df316406d352f8802dab652b5f2: Exploit.FLV FOUND

Antivirus programs do their best to anticipate threats, but sometimes they are overly aggressive at diagnosing files or do not scan the entire file and simply scan its name and/or header information. When an anti-virus program sees Rosetta Stone as a threat, it is a "false-positive", meaning it inaccurately diagnosed a file that is safe for use. In the above example, the hashed file name is seen as close to matching the file name of a known exploit, though the antivirus program has not scanned the complete file.

How to Resolve
If you encounter this problem, ensure Rosetta Stone files and folders are added to the exclusions list. Click here for the list of files and folders.

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