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Where can I access my Rosetta Stone Language Learning?

Language Learning is now available anywhere from any computer .

Here are the facts:

  • Have Language Learning installed and activated on a computer.
  • Have an active online subscription which gives you access to Live Tutoring and Games & Activities.  Don't have a subscription?  Manage your subscription at
  • Download the 4.5.5 update.

Note: If you aren't running this version already, you will be prompted to update automatically in your program or you can download it here: Windows or Mac 

Note:  If you're on Mac 10.4 or 10.5, you will need the 4.1.15 update.  You will be prompted to update automatically in your program or you can update here.

  • You can use Language Learning on any computer that has high speed Internet and the speech recognition system installed.

Note: If you use a computer without the installed speech system you won't be able to use speech recognition.

Enjoy your new language wherever life takes you.

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*Language Learning is formerly known as Version 4 TOTALe.
*Language Training is formerly known as Rosetta Course.
*Live Tutoring is formerly known as Rosetta Studio.
*Games & Activities is formerly known as Rosetta World. 

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