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What's in the box?

Congratulations and welcome to the Rosetta Stone family!

Below is a list of what you've received in your Rosetta Stone Language Learning program. We can't wait for you to get started!

Activation Card: KEEP THIS! You will need this card to activate your product after installation.

Quick Start Guide: This helpful guide explains how to install and activate your program.

Software: Install your Application CD first, then your Language Levels.

End User License Agreement: Read this. This is the contract of usage between you and Rosetta Stone. Look closely at the activations portion—you'll be able to install and activate your program on up to two computers with five users each.

Online Services: Practice your language abilities with fun and interactive games in Games & Activities, and in private sessions with a live-native speaking tutor in Live Tutoring

Mobile Apps: Take your new language with you everywhere with Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone for iPhone and iPod Touch, and iPad. Download the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone app from your device's application store today!


Are you ready?

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*Language Learning is formerly known as Version 4 TOTALe.
*Language Training is formerly known as Rosetta Course.
*Live Tutoring is formerly known as Rosetta Studio.
*Games & Activities is formerly known as Rosetta World. 

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