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What’s changed with the v4.5 update?

The v4.5 patch makes learning a new language easier by making Online Services available through your internet browser and Language Training available through the application that is installed on your computer. You will also receive an update to our v5.0.37 program if your computer meets the system requirements

Language Training on your local application:

  • You’ll still have access to our award winning Language Training through your locally installed application. 
    Simply double-click on the Rosetta Stone icon on your desktop to access Language Training. 
    You’ll have access to all the levels, unit, and lessons that came with your product. 

Manually Sync progress to your online profile:

  • If you want to sync your progress to your online profile, click the “sync” button on your toolbar. 
    This will update your progress on Learn Languages : Rosetta Stone mobile application, and Language Training through your internet browser*.
    Rosett Stone application will automatically sync your progress when you select your learner and after completing an activity.
    *Requires an Online Access subscription

The complete experience through your internet browser:

  • With an Online Access subscription the complete experience is available anywhere your computer has an internet connection.* 
    Attend a live-session with a native speaking Tutor in Live Tutoring; Play games, and participate in our world-wide community of language learners in Games & Activities.  Both of these features are now available through your internet browser. 
    You’ll also have access to our mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and select Android devices.

Add an Online Access subscription, or sign-in if you’re a subscriber, at Language.RosettaStone.com.

*Note:  Your computer must meet the system requirements.

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