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What is a Private Tutor session?

Fine tune your conversational skills by taking Private Tutoring sessions!

Private Tutoring sessions are exclusive live sessions just between you and a Tutor.  More one-on-one time with a native speaking Tutor means your conversational practice will be more focused.  

Twenty-five minute Private Tutor sessions are available for purchase through the My Account feature of Rosetta Stone Language Learning.  

You may purchase Private Studio sessions for yourself, or another user, through the My Account interface. Click here and enter your login credentials to purchase online access.

After you login, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then scroll to "My Account".

The My Account page will open in your web browser. Using the drop down next to the Avatar, choose the user account you want to purchase Private sessions for. Select the plan you wish to purchase from the "Manage Subscriptions" tab. 

After you select your plan, click Add To Cart. You will then need to select Proceed to Checkout. You will then be asked to verify the purchase with email and password confirmation. Next you are taken to the Address & Payment page where you can enter your billing information.

You'll need an active online subscription in order to purchase, schedule, and attend Private Tutor sessions.  If your subscription expires, you'll have a 30 day grace period to renew, or your Private Tutor sessions will expire.  Private Tutor sessions are only available for the US consumer market and will be coming soon to the UK consumer market.

*Please note that purchases made for private tutor sessions are specific to the language and user they are purchased for. Private Studio sessions are not able to be transferred to different languages or users.

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