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What is Rosetta Stone Language Learning?

Rosetta Stone Language Learning™ is the next generation of our award-winning language-learning solution. It combines Rosetta Stone's industry-leading language learning course with live online instruction, from coaches who are native speakers, offered through Live Tutoring™, along with access to Games & Activities™, our online language learning community.

Language Training creates an environment to speak, listen, read and write by intuitively associating sounds and images with new language meaning, without translations, grammar drills or rote memorization.

Live Tutoring provides opportunities to enroll in a series of guided, interactive immersion sessions to practice and refine what you've learned in Language Training.

Games & Activities is an inviting, online environment allowing you to connect and play with other motivated language learners. You can engage in several immersion activities like games, voice chat, and read stories written to be understood at your level.

In addition to these three main components, Language Training includes the Audio Companion®, and Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone™ app for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, and Android™ devices, to reinforce your learning when you're away from your computer.

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