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What is Adaptive Recall™?

Adaptive Recall™ schedules the day on which you should repeat a lesson's Review activity. By scheduling review lessons at optimal intervals, Adaptive Recall is designed to help you efficiently retain what you learn without wasting time reviewing material that you already know well. By presenting review material at just the right time, Adaptive Recall helps you transfer new language from short-term to long-term memory.

Your performance during Review activities determines how often you see Adaptive Recall activities. As you complete the Adaptive Recall activity, you'll see a notification window informing you that the same material will appear again on or before a specific date.

Each level has four units, and each unit has four review activities; there could be up to 16 Adaptive Recall activities (4x4) for each language level. You may encounter multiple Adaptive Recall activities at once.

Skipping Adaptive Recall™ Activities

Click the "Skip" button to skip the Adaptive Recall™ activities for a single lesson. This will bypass the Adaptive Recall activity for that particular session; however, once you close and reopen the program the activities will reappear.


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