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How to add Audio Companion to a mobile device, audio CD, or computer

Follow this guide to transfer Audio Companion to another device or medium.

How to convert or transfer files to another device or medium.

If you have Audio Companion CD's labeled MP3, click here.
If you have Audio Companion CD's not labeled MP3, click here.
If you don't have Audio Companion CD's, click here.

Convert Audio CD's to MP3

If you want to convert your audio CD into MP3 for playback on a computer or eventual syncing to your mobile device:

If you want to sync your newly imported Audio Companion tracks to your Apple device, follow the next section.


Transfer music from a computer or MP3 CD to your mobile device

If you have either an MP3 CD version of the Audio Companion, have already downloaded the file, or have already followed the previous steps of converting the Audio CD to mp3 files in your library, follow these steps to add them to your mobile device:  

Download Audio Companion

Access to Audio Companion requires a purchase of the Rosetta Stone Language Learning CD-ROM, Online Subscription, or a Mobile App purchase from within Learn Languages Rosetta Stone mobile app. Learn more here to find out where to get it.

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