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Rosetta Stone Online Community Guidelines

At Rosetta Stone, we value everyone's experience. The principles described here, and in our Terms of Use, are designed to provide the best experience for our learners and this community a valuable part of the your language learning. Read more: Terms of Use.

There are three keys to success in this community: be helpful, be respectful, and immerse yourself. If you abide by the three keys, you'll help everyone have the best possible language practice experience.

  1. BE HELPFUL — The community thrives when members help each other advance their language skills. Everyone learns at a different pace, however, so please be patient with other learners who may not be at the same ability level as you. Give them a hint and help them expand their vocabulary. By staying positive, you'll help them build their language confidence. But remember to stay in the language that they're learning or practicing!

  2. BE RESPECTFUL — This is not a place to argue politics or sporting rivalries. To be successful, all interactions between learners should be cordial and friendly. Learners who abuse the site for other purposes (trolling, dating, commercial solicitation, etc.) will have their accounts canceled.

  3. IMMERSE YOURSELF — We're firm believers that the immersion environment is the best way to learn a language, and we've designed this community to encourage that type of interaction. When communicating via text or voice chat, always stay in the appropriate language. If you're supposed to be practicing your new language, don't switch back to your native language. You'll find it liberating when you write, speak, and think in the language that you're practicing. In fact, it's the fastest way to advance your language skills. Since immersion is so important, our moderators will be looking out for non-immersion interactions and will warn you if they see or hear you breaking out of the immersion environment in the activities.

We hope that you'll enjoy interacting with other learners and native speakers, but keep in mind the primary purpose of this community: language PRACTICE. Using the community for purposes other than language practice (getting translation help, finding pen pals, online dating, etc.) is prohibited.

If we believe you've violated these guidelines, we may take appropriate actions, including editing or removing your content or, in the case of severe or repeat violations, canceling your membership.

If you believe another learner has violated these standards, please contact us immediately.

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