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Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool - What is the purpose of the progress bar in each activity? Why does it change color?

The progress bar within the activity helps students monitor how many questions they have to answer to complete a unit.  The bar moves, or fills in, both when a question is answered correctly and when it is answered incorrectly – it is simply there to help kids monitor how much more they have left to do to complete that unit.

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The progress bar changes from green when students are working in the Standard Step, to blue when they drop to Guided Practice, and to yellow when they enter the Explicit Instruction step.  

If the bar is green, they are in the Standard Step, and they will only get credit for that unit if they finish all of the questions…so if that bar is green and more than half full, it might be a good idea to keep working for a few more questions to finish the unit. 

There is an additional progress bar below the activity bar which shows how many more units a student must complete to get through the activity.  This bar mirrors what students see on the Activity Selection screen, and is intended to keep them from exiting an activity to check their progress – instead, they can monitor this unit completion progress bar as they work.

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