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Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool- What happens when a student logs out before completing one of the steps (Standard, Guided Practice, Instruction) in any activity?

When the student logs back in to Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool and re-enters that activity, they will be in the same step that they left off in (Standard, Guided Practice, or Instruction) but will start at the beginning of that step. The program saves the step the student was in for each activity, but it does not save the place within the step (or the exact item they were working on) for the student if they log off in the middle of the step. 

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The reason for this, is to accurately report the student's progress at the time of usage. If they were to leave that activity for some time and then return they may not remember the previous information from the exact point in the step. This helps with self monitoring and progression. The progress bars are intended to increase students’ awareness and self monitoring of progress. Including students in this process is ideal.

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