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Rosetta Stone Lexia Reading - Is student performance in the warm-ups tracked or recorded?

The warm-ups are intended to build automaticity – and the key to their design is there is no “threshold” for what constitutes the right level of automaticity – each student is going to have a different starting point, and a different range within which they can improve.  

Rosetta Stone Lexia Reading does not track data on the warm-ups in the same way as with the other activities. The reports don’t keep track of students’ performance on warm-ups with the intent to compare them to a normed sample, like they do with the skill activities.

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Instead, what we do is keep students’ high scores on the warm-ups. The program shows the student their high score for each level at the start of the warm up for that level and encourages them to try to beat it. MyLexia does report those high scores to teachers as well – so they will see where the student started, and how much improvement they made – but it will be an individual score that does not get rolled up and does not get compared to any type of norm.

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