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Rosetta Stone Language Dialects and Accents (I-P)

Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)*Jakarta Indonesian.

Jakarta Indonesian is the selected as the Target Accent due to its role as the capital city of Indonesia from which the contemporary trend and the media are strongly influencing the country.

IrishCaighdeán. Caighdeán is the standard written dialect of Irish, a combination of the three main Irish dialects.

As spoken in the province of Munster. The Munster accent is considered to be relatively easy to pronounce for new learners.


Modern Standard Italian. Modern Standard Italian is the language of business, education, and the media throughout Italy.

As spoken in Central Italy (Tuscany in particular)

Standard Japanese

As spoken in Tokyo

Standard Seoul Korean

As spoken in Seoul

Latin*Classical Latin. This was the dialect of educated Romans during approximately the first century BC to the first century AD

Reconstructed Classical Latin accent

Persian (Farsi)

Modern Iranian Persian. This is the standard dialect officially recognized by the Iranian government and is the dialect used by the media and entertainment industry in Iran. Modern Iranian Persian is the most widely spoken and understood dialect of Persian.

As spoken in Tehran

Eastern/Peshawari Dialect

Eastern/Peshawari Dialect

Standard Polish. This is the most widespread spoken Polish dialect, commonly used in public, broadcast media, government institutions, and taught in schools and universities.

As spoken in Warsaw
Portuguese (Brazil)

Standard Brazilian Portuguese. Standard Brazilian Portuguese is understood throughout the Portuguese-speaking world.

Broadcast standard, a more neutral version of the São Paulo accent.

*Version 3 ONLY

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