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Notification: Tell Me More Product Support Change

Rosetta Stone® is committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date and effective language-learning solutions. To that end, we’re continually advancing and improving our software technology and adding new products. Unfortunately, that means we can’t continue to support some of our older platforms. Starting April 6, 2015, all Tell Me More DVD-ROM Versions 9 and prior will no longer be supported by Rosetta Stone.

If you’ve purchased a Version 9 Tell Me More product from an authorized reseller, you will receive basic phone support for 90 days from date of purchase with a valid proof of purchase.

For a limited time we’ll also be offering Tell Me More DVD-ROM Version 9 customers who have a valid proof of purchase the ability to purchase one of our new language-learning programs at a discounted price.

To learn about our language-learning products and pricing, please contact our Customer Care department for additional information.

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