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Live Tutoring FAQ

Group Tutoring Sessions


What is a tutoring session?
Live tutoring provides an opportunity for you to practice your new language in real-time in a small group or private setting. Your sessions are guided by an experienced live tutor who is a native speaker of your new language. You listen and speak only in your new language, so you gain confidence and an active command of the language.

How long are tutoring sessions?
All live tutoring sessions are 25 minutes long. They're designed to be long enough to practice what you've learned from lessons, but short enough to fit into your busy schedule!

How many group tutoring sessions can I schedule?
You can schedule up to 2 group tutoring sessions at one time. The number of sessions available to an individual could vary based upon which product they are currently subscribed to.

How do I purchase additional sessions?
Private tutoring sessions are available for purchase from the My Account window of your Rosetta Stone product.

How far in advance should I cancel a session if I can't attend it?
Canceling your tutoring session more than 24 hours before the start time will not use up that tutoring session. Once you cancel your session, you'll be able to reschedule another session.

What if my tutoring session was canceled?
Under rare circumstances, tutoring sessions are canceled. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Your tutoring session will not be consumed, and you'll immediately be able to reschedule another session.

If I do not use my sessions from one month, can I carry them over to the next?
No, if those group tutoring sessions are not used they will expire.

When should I schedule my first Live Tutoring session?
Tutoring sessions occur after each Core Lesson 2 and Core Lesson 4. Once you've completed through Core Lesson 2, you'll be prepared to schedule your first session!


Group Tutoring Sessions

How many learners will there be in my Group Tutoring session?

There can be up to 3 other learners in your group tutoring session. Depending on how many other learners attend, you may have less than 3 other learners in your group tutoring session.

What's the benefit of a Group Tutoring session?
Learning how to converse in a group setting is a pivotal skill in becoming conversational and comfortable in real-life settings. Group tutoring sessions enable you to practice in a safe small group setting with a native speaking tutor.

Private Tutoring Sessions

What's the difference between Group and Private Tutoring sessions?
Everyone who has an active Rosetta Stone Language Learning license has access to group tutoring sessions. Group tutoring sessions can have up to 4 learners and one native speaking tutor. Private tutoring sessions can be purchased individually or bundled from the My Account feature. Private tutoring sessions are exclusive tutoring sessions between you and a tutor. This allows for more 1-on-1 time with your native speaking coach to hone your language speaking abilities.

How do I purchase Private Tutoring sessions?
Private Tutoring sessions can be purchased from the My Account feature of Language Learning. You will have the option to purchase just one or a bundle of sessions for a discounted rate.

How can I schedule a Private Tutoring session?
Once you have purchased private tutoring sessions from My Account, you may schedule a session from the scheduler screen.  

What happens to my Private Tutoring sessions if I don't have an active online subscription?
If your online subscription expires, there is a 30 day grace period to renew before your private tutoring sessions expire.
Can I purchase Private Tutoring sessions if I don't have an active online subscription?
No, you must have an active online subscription in order to purchase, schedule, and attend private tutoring sessions.  

How can I view how many Private Tutoring sessions I have?
The My Account feature of Language Learning shows how many private tutoring sessions are available to your license.

Can I split Private Tutoring sessions across two different languages?  How about two different licenses?
No, private tutoring sessions are specific to one language and license. Access My Account when logged into the specific language and license to purchase private sessions.


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