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How do I access Parent's Corner in my Rosetta Stone Kid's Reading account?

First, visit and sign into your Kid's Reading account. 
Select a user, and then click on the Wooden Panel labeled Parent's Corner

You should get to Parent's Corner screen as depicted in the picture below. 

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  • Child Progress - This is where you can view detailed information about your child's progress in the program. As shown below, you can click on the arrow pointing to the right to view detailed information about a level and an activity. 
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  • Manage Account - This is where you can view your remaining subscription time, turn off auto-renewals, change your password, or log out.
    • In order to Turn your Automatic Renewal off, click on Subscription Info under Manage Account.
    • Then deselect the Auto Renew Subscription. 
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  • Manage Profiles - This is where you can add, remove, or change child profiles.
    • In order to add a new profile click on Create New Profile. 
    • You can click the Red X mark next to a user to delete that particular user. 
    • If you want to modify an existing user, then you would click on the name of the user. This will allow you to change the Avatar and other profile related information. 
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  • Game Settings - This is where you can adjust the volume for music as well as sound effects.
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  • Information - Here you can contact support, view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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If you need further assistance, please contact Rosetta Stone Product Support.

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