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Install Rosetta Stone® Language Learning, CD-ROM Language Level CDs

Before installing your language level CDs make sure the application has first been installed. Directions are available for Windows and Mac. You can find your Language CDs inside your Rosetta Stone box in the CD wallet.

  1. Insert your Language level CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Open Rosetta Stone.
  3. If you do not receive the prompt to Add, Remove or Deactivate then click Preferences  or User-added image , then Manage Languages . If you do receive the Add, Remove or Deactivate prompt, then proceed to the next step.
  4. Click Add a Language Level and then Continue .
  5. Click Install selected language .

  6. Click Accept to install your Language level CD to the default location.

    *Your language level CD files will begin to install. This may take a few minutes; you will see a screen showing the installation time remaining.

  7. If you have additional language levels you wish to install, click Add More. Otherwise, click Continue to complete the installation process.

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