How to get your iPad to sync with Language Learning progress: Update V4.5.5 - Rosetta Stone Support

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How to get your iPad to sync with Language Learning progress: Update V4.5.5

To enable syncing between Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone® and your Language Learning program (Version 4), you will need to have updates V4.5.5 or higher installed on Language Learning.  You will also need an online subscription to use the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone app. 

To see which update you have installed, click on the home screen of Language Learning then click About Rosetta Stone . If you're prompted for an update upon opening Rosetta Stone Language Learning, click update .

Tips to easily sync between Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone and Language Learning:

  • Ensure the email address you enter into Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone is the same e-mail associated with your Language Learning account.
  • Ensure you have an active internet connection on your iPad and computer.
  • Sign out of Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone before loading Language Learning.

Note: This update is only for Language Learning Products. Rosetta Stone Language Learning is not supported on Macintosh Power PC, therefore the V4.5.5 update does not apply to that operating system. Please verify that Rosetta Stone Language Learning is compatible with your operating system by reviewing our system requirements.

*Language Learning is formerly known as Version 4 TOTALe.

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