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How to deactivate my Rosetta Stone program

If you would like to move your program to a different computer or return your program, you will need to deactivate Rosetta Stone.

*If you have Version 3, please click here for further instructions.

1. Open Rosetta Stone and go to the home screen.

2. Click the Gear icon on the top right corner of the application.

3. Click Manage Languages.

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4. Click Deactivate Products.



5. Click the box next to the language levels you wish to deactivate.


6. Click Deactivate Selected Products.

7 - A. Rosetta Stone application will automatically remove your language levels and launch our deactivation website through your default internet browser. Your Activation ID and the deactivation code will be automatically filled out for you like image shown below. Go ahead and press on DEACTIVATE.

If deactivation was successful, then you will see a confirmation message in green
"Deactivation has been successfully completed."

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7 - B. Once your language levels are completely removed from the Rosetta Stone application, then you will get a confirmation screen like below.

User-added image

8. Your product should now be deactivated. Click Continue.

If you are returning the program and it is active on two computers, please repeat the procedure on the secondary computer.

Please click here if you require further assistance in deactivating your Rosetta Stone product.



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